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  • bb1040

    Now they are missing and have to search for ,a couple hundred people who decided to stay.....There was a reason they had an evacuation ........

  • Ctrygrl

    I hope the people who were helping evacuate gave all those who stayed a permanent marker and told them to write their name on their arms. So they could be identified

  • Rocky_Mountain_High

    Trump thought it would be a good idea to go to a campaign event WHILE the hurricane was hitting and people were dying. Trump has no empathy for anyone else and is a disgrace.

  • bhamsam

    Gulfport is in Mississippi, not Louisiana.

  • Chupacabra

    Fortunately that storm moved fast and there wasn't much of any flooding but those winds must have been something serious!

  • mm

    Thank you ABC for reporting on this, CNN's headline is an apple watch issue. I appreciate the humanity and the concern ABC has shown. Not even the President gives a damn about Florida. Thanks ABC.

  • Smiling Man

    Still to come is the shock to the insurance industry and the loss of tax revenue resulting from the utter destruction of so much of the homes and businesses. This Hurricane Michael will have the additional affect to cause insurance companies to raise their rates for storm damage for all living along the Gulf of Mexico coastal area. Buildings that are still standing and usable will be without power until electricians can inspect the internal wiring before power companies will reinstall electrical meters for delivery of power to the residence or business. Getting power back will be a long and difficult process.

  • P'Thizikil

    Trump has pulled out all the stops on getting to the bottom of this. Even now, he's watching 3 TV's at once. Between naps and cheeseburgers, he'll get to the truth as he sees it.

  • Nick

    To residents of gulf cost: Everyone just go back to doing what you were before the storm, there is no reason to worry or do anything about global warming, just ignore it and move back like before!

    To my insurance company don't give out cheap insurance policies you need to factor in the future increased cost from more powerful global warming storms.

    To our politicians, ,.)$$@@&$)$&&5/:?$)()

  • ctla567

    There is only one way to hopefully slowly tame the weather, that is kick out all those anti weather gangsters in congress and elsewhere across the country. They have been warned over and over and over again for decades of these kinds of disasters but were ignored. Kick them all out now before more Americans are forced to sacrifice more and more for the benefit of a minority.

  • southwestfan

    They better hurry up. Once Trump comes and throws paper towels at you, you have to stop counting the dead people.

  • Forward forward

    Well, at least Trump got to his campaign event, for his 'fans'. Yuck.

  • reality25

    So where's President Paper Towel Thrower? Getting ready for another "Look at me!" rally?

  • ranknfile

    Trump is busy parting with Kayne...!

  • revamadison

    Despite the storm, Trump went to his Wednesday night rally in Erie, Pennsylvania.

    "We have thousands of people lined up. ... It would have been very
    unfair," Trump told reporters when asked about whether he was thinking

    of canceling it.

    Yeah, it would be very unfair. But he will pray for them, or else just ask others to do so, because he doesn't know how.

    Weather scientests have been telling us this was going to happen, more and more, and harder and harder. Meantime, Trumps EPA just goe rolling along cancelling all the advances government had made the last 200 years.

  • Tertulliano

    And this devastating news is not headlines in fox news, not even on the first page. what are they hiding?

  • mm

    "An enormous amount of 911 calls are going unresponded to because we’ve got this priority to search and rescue. So it’s a terrible thing." Seems to me if they answered some of those 911 calls they might find some of the people they are searching for? Just a thought.

  • claudia dunkirk

    Anecdotal evidence exists that many people in this conservative area cried "fake news!" when CNN reported a strong hurricane headed their way; they failed to evacuate.

  • Tim Coolio

    Government is good, they will get the area back to normal.

  • AG99

    Family Dollar has really tough signs.

  • Olorin

    so, if i remember, (in 2013, Rubio was one of 36 Republican senators who voted against a Hurricane Sandy relief bill for New Jersey and New York) florida gop voted against aif=d for hurricane sandy. KARMA

  • Jamie Vetter

    The days of not having flood insurance "and" proper building codes is over. No more free stuff guys. This is not our problem especially when these states vote for people who refuse to raise taxes to pay for the spending. Most of it was preventable if they used the proper building codes. Homes that were destroyed and rebuilt must meet hurricane standards or they don't get built. The era of us buying them new houses every few years is over.

  • Bill William

    If an insurance company will not sell you flood insurance then neither should the government. Why are we, the tax payers, having to pay for people to rebuild in such high risk areas? People should build at their own risk.

  • OneMoreYes32

    "Did anyone get a free boat out of this one?" - Trump