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  • spongeson

    "When you guys watch on an American border with Mexico children being ripped from the arms of their mothers, what the hell do you think of us?” Biden said. “What does that do to our ability to lead the world, how we are viewed?”"

    he is using the times propaganda magazine to feel outraged. There was a mom that kidnapped her kid from the dad and siblings and illegaly crossed the border. An american would be charged with a crime for that . But meh the children. Biden supports child trafficking if he just wants these irresponsible pathetic illegal parents not have consequences

    once again cares about other countries instead of ours. DIdn't care when it was happening when he was vice president

  • Morty Ballstein

    He would be doing the republicans a big favor if he ran.

  • adamrussell

    "... that I know of"

  • molimelight

    Joe looks good. I hope he runs. He would wipe the stage with Trump's hair.