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  • Citizenatlarge1

    This is a term that describes the way people should treat one another in order to arrive at a peaceful and civilized outcome. It is most important when people disagree on issues. It is the logical tool necessary for a society to progress and maintain cohesion toward arriving at shared common interests. In a society where points of view are as different as there are stars in the sky, it is civility which allows us to function and keeps us from descending into chaos and anarchy. Compromise is the vehicle that moves us forward from a disagreement. Impasse is the failure of one or both parties willing to negotiate to achieve a peaceful resolution. Violence is the complete breakdown of a civilized outcome to disagreements. Inciting violence for political reasons is the death of a civilized society.

  • John S. Henchey

    She is just as paranoid as her Hubby...."You have to watch your back".

  • Ctrygrl

    The GOP is lying about democrats and their views on healthcare all across the country, and the president in his so called op ed and his rah rah rallies is leading the way in the lying. Democrats do not want to go "negative" by calling out the GOP for the liars they are. The republicans have done their best to destroy Obamacare, their actions have caused premiums to go through the roof and many to lose coverage and now they are going after pre existing condition coverage with this cheap junk insurance. The GOP has a lot of money to keep repeating these lies across the country and the president has a huge megaphone for the lies on FOX.

  • Jake real Jake

    D i v o r c e Melania, per Tammy Wynette (or stand by your Orange Bully)!

  • Dana Leigh

    'animates,' that's an interesting term. and am unsure how to 'interpret' that.