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  • Weazerdogg

    Pretty pathetic. The media and business both have more integrity than the loser in the White House. Deplorables should be banned from a voting booth for the next 10 years. Punishment for being blazing idiots!!

  • Life's a River

    Donald Trump Jr tweeted about how Khashoggi was tied to "Jihadists", so you can tell that's how the Trump administration will try to paint this. Reading Norm's remark below just confirms that. Basically trying to justify political assassinations. Just like his mentor, Vlad Putin, who routinely has his enemies assassinated. The Trump administration is gradually morphing into the Putin regime.

  • Norm Stansfield

    You are painting a false picture. Khashoggi wasn't an impartial, innocent journalist looking to promote democracy and freedom in Saudi Arabia. He was an Islamist militant, he was in Saudi Intelligence (which is why he was killed: they consider him a traitor), and he was a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood (which is an anti-American militant group aligned with might be aware that Iran and Saudi Arabia are engaged in a clandestine war).

    Instead of getting outraged over the "death of a journalist", the leftist media should review its standards when it comes to working with so called "journalists" who take sides in sectarian wars in the Middle East. Especially when the side they take is the anti-American one. Or could it be that that's why he was such a media darling?

  • rosaliecesar

    I bet the Saudis are going to offer billions to Turkey in order to buy these audio and video recordings of how this poor journalist was tortured and murdered inside the Saudi Arabia Consultate.
    The despicable part is also that US Intelligence could have warned Jamal Khashoggi his life was in danger and he should go back quickly to the US.Why did they let this happened if they knew about the Saudis'plans to harm him?

  • Joe Leggio

    Trump is directly implicated as an accessory before and after this event.

    Trump failed to warn Khashoggi, he failed to warn off Saudi Arabia from taking rash actions against Khashoggi.

    Trump failed to obey Executive Order 12333 and the specific guidelines he was advised of that are known
    as directive 191 require him as the Commander in Chief to warn possible targets of harm, kidnapping, torture or murder that our intelligence service may learn of, regardless of their citizenship. All human beings qualify.

    The President lied to the American people about being unaware of any problem. He lied about the dependence of American jobs and $110B being at stake in weapons sales in exchange for him not takingany action about Khashoggi.

    Trump lied to Khashoggi's fiance. And, Trump is also an accessory after the fact to murdering and torturing Khashoggi.

    All this is recorded online via Khashoggi's iWatch link up to the iCloud audio outside of Saudi Arabia's reach.
    Trump is implicated in a murder, torture, kidnapping and dismemberment crime. He is a monstrous, lying thug mafia traitor and he should be impeached, indicted, and imprisoned. The same goes for his son-in-law
    and son of a felon Kushner.

    Trump is a pathological liar, but that doesn't make him an especially good or convincing liar except to goobers and morons who desperately want to believe him. Really all Trump was trying to do was justify Khashoggi's murder as 'worth $110B in jobs to us. This too is a lie.

  • kritikosman

    Trump'll go into suck up mode by and by.

  • MarcoDoc

    Trump will do nothing about the Saudis murdering a US permanent resident he has millions invested in the country

  • Eteamer

    I stand corrected by my son. It wasn't an Apple watch it was a Sam sung gear with video. I guess you don't need a phone for it to stream to the cloud. Nobody checks for those watches.

  • CaptnBlynd

    Blame Trump? For decades of close relations relying on oil? For national dependence brought on by American politicians practicing global politics instead of Nationalism?
    "Trump gets money from them!" Trump gets nothing compared to the Clinton Foundation. Now all of a sudden he is bought by Russia AND Saudi Arabia?
    There seems to be an inability by many to recognize reality. Our dependence on Saudi is decades old. I would love for this to lead to a break in relations but you will scream about the higher prices at the fuel pump. "Trump must punish them and stop dealing with them but gas prices had better not go up." That is a delusion.

  • BIAB

    Trump won’t do anything about it.

  • Joe Leggio

    Journalist's disappearance tests Trump's close Saudi ties? More like "exposes Trump's close Saudi ties!"

    Trump is a tramp who comes cheap, pay to play all the way. Mohammed bin Salman openly brags that he's got the Trumps in his pocket. He owns Kushner by bailing out Kush's failure 666 Fifth Ave.

    How does Trump's name translate into Russian? "Tramp" That's no lie, "Tramp" - cue the Otis Redding music.

  • Joe Leggio

    Trump was notified immediately by our intelligence gathering agencies that Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salam planned to abduct, torture and kill Khashoggi. Trump decided illegally to vestpocket (sit on) that information. Under Executive Order 12333 & Intelligence Community Directive 191 he was REQUIRED to share information with Khashoggi regardless of Khashoggi's residence status. The Directive is explicit on this. Trump LIES. What's new. Well, Trump is clearly complicit as an accessory before and after the fact to abetting a kidnapping and possibly a murder, once the body (Habeus Corpus) is produce, or evidence of it (DNA traces in bone shards, etc.).

  • Tony C

    I don't think it's proper for any US Govt official other than Trump to make any accusations or suggest penalties until there is a response from the Crown Prince himself. Then analyze whether there's fact and truth or is it a sham response. Wait and See.....................

  • cephalo

    This is a major blunder. It should cost MBS his position or else this will harm Saudi foreign relations for a very long time. Time for a new prince.

  • bugzzz

    So you've got one corrupt autocracy (Turkey) investigating another corrupt autocracy (Saudi) and then reporting back to an aspiring dictator (POTUS). I'm sure the truth will come out. By which I mean it will never be known.

  • MichaelAndrewsUSA

    I am certain that someone in the Trump family, maybe even the Don himself, and most likely that disgusting Jared, had an idea that this was going to happen.

  • Smedley D Butler

    Fear not weapons manufacturer's! If it's a matter of money vs the human rights of Khashoggi: Money wins with the Trump Administration. Remember that Mr. and Ms. Citizen if you are tempted to travel abroad.

  • theBobsMA

    I saw Lindsey Graham spouting off about how there will be "hell to pay".

    What a laughable statement. What "hell to pay" is Graham contemplating? Canceling a membership at the Royal Saudi Golf Club? YOU, Mr. Graham (and your pumpkin-orange whacko leader) are partly responsible because of all YOUR rants and ravings about "fake news" and how terribly you've all been treated by journalists and the journalism industry. YOU SICKEN ME Mr. Graham - YOU and the rest of the GOP.

    I'm an Independent, but there are limits as to what I find acceptable behavior - and you and your party have vastly exceeded those limits. November can't come soon enough.