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  • IT-Worker-Since-1990

    My heart goes out to the those that are impacted by this fire. I know exactly what you are going through - I lost my home to the Cerro Grande Fire of 2000. Please remember that property can be replaced but your life cannot. I hope you realize that the most important thing - your life - has been saved and everything lost can be replaced in one way or another.

    For those of you that have not had your life impacted by a fire such as this, I can only tell you the following. It is quite devastating to have to get out on short notice. You grab what you can, throw it into the car and evacuate ASAP. You do not often think of the things of importance as you are grabbing these things - important things such as family documents, monies you may have hidden or any number of things that you feel irreplaceable. When the fire goes through your area, you face uncertainty you will even have something to return to once the fire is out. That is quite stressful. Even if your home is saved, there is often a lot of cleanup that is overlooked - smoke damage, things damaged because of the power loss and/or surges. You life is truly turned on in.

  • BD70

    Trump said that with better management by raking the weeds out this would never have happened. He said he saw firefighters raking the weeds and little trees out from the ground and away from the fire in the back ground. If they had done that to begin with this would never have happened. Yep...he actually said that.

  • Mr Wayne

    It seems to me the troop sent to the southern border for Trumps imaginary invasion would serve better helping with the fires in California.

  • SFprogressive

    So horrible and shows what really needs to be done at incredible cost:
    Fireproof construction
    Controlled burns on a massive scale
    Underground PGE lines
    Better access roads to towns/cities

    A vote to remove deniers of global warming who will impede us across the country.
    Cost is gigantic, except for the voting part,
    In any event, our future is here now.

  • fastone

    It takes a "very stable genius" like Trump to see right to heart of cause of all the fires...as he claims that.the Forest Service should have already raked the forest floor to eliminate the dried pine needles acting as tinder. There are no doubt lots of upper management in the Forest Service doing face palms muttering....*smack*...Why didn't I think of that?

    Maybe after the wall gets built, Trump could start a job program to hire the million or so people would take to rake all our National Forests...could have a catchy slogan even., like....."Rake America over the coals again and clean them out!!"".... With a slogan like that, there's no doubt the GOP could get behind it.

  • Greg Smith

    Hindsight points out that these neighborhoods might have remains permanently etched into the properties. Building in these areas might be tough. Hollowed ground folks. We have paranormal occurrences in a unburned house. RIP

  • B E D G

    The air quality is a huge hazard too with all these fires.

  • Zbigkid

    people talking about rebuilding Paradise are a bit deluded right now.

  • David

    NOTE TO PARADISE TOWN COUNCIL: Install sirens around the town for FAST warning of all town residents of approaching fires. How hard can that be???

  • Slip Dagger

    If I was the religious type, I'd say California is being judged for their behavior.

  • Blkhawksgrl

    Cali needs to be placed on permanent burn ban

  • zuikis

    I've heard that 666 missing, 66 dead.

  • youcantfixthiscarspicoli

    Just brought a pick up truck full of stuff up to some friends that lost their house in Paradise. They were very lucky to get out with the clothes on their back. They were also very lucky to snag a rental house in Chico somehow. The amount of devastation is crushing. A LOT of people are going to need help for a very long time. Some things good that you don't hear on the news. Yesterday the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company that has a huge place in Chico. Brewery, restaurant, Wedding facilities. They were emptying their merchandise store giving clothes to all of the affected that came in as well as feeding them.

  • 1911

    all because liberals think they know how to control a natural system.. years of mismanagement letting tinder build to the point where it burns everything.

    Typical of them. whatever they manage usually ends up killing people, destroying lives, and ruining property.

  • Sam

    Can't afford to help these American's in California we have how many thousands in tents waiting to feed off this government...Sorry American's either live in tents or starve either one is good for the people coming here...Unless you give up you citizenship and wait in line your out of luck.

  • Truthasaurus Rex

    Good thing there's nothing nefarious about this incident...I'm sure the 66 + 600 is consequential...~eye roll~...California was a sacrifice...