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  • ctla567

    Those Mickey Mouse members could vote for Mickey Mouse as their new leader. Before even a single thing is completed they are already fighting for positions. Sad for Dem but Trump loves it.

  • David Horchak

    Is it any wonder why all this came out after the election? She is more decisive than Trump. Democrats won based on saying new blood. My guess she gets the post and in two years Trump reelected and we see a GOP wave. Because Democrats lied again.

  • Realpshep

    A change is long overdue

  • John Jarecki

    Barbara Lee, there is her challenger, next?

  • Alpha Control

    Has anyone tried a bucket of water yet? That's how they got rid of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of OZ. You never know it might just work. I will donate a super soaker to the cause.....

  • Gun Toting Liberal

    Don't like her? Run against her or sit down! Hope reps in this group never want a comittee chair!

  • Holmes

    I will never forget when McCain and Obama were debating, she was making sure her nails were manicured. Smh...

  • Arthro

    Keeping Pelosi and Schumer is a losing strategy moving forward. If the Democrats want to regain power, they should nominate Tulsi Gabbard.

  • Ted Mittelstaedt

    As a Dem I don't want Pelosi in the position. I want someone younger. She can assist that person to come up to speed. But if she manages to win, then I can live with her in that position.

  • Anna Mac

    Push Eric Swalwell out in front. Let him work on attracting the persuadables with better messaging as speaker. Let Pelosi do her magic (if she has any) from behind the scenes.

  • FarmFamily

    Time for new leadership. It was on Pelosi's watch that Democrats lost the White House, the House and the Senate.

  • MrLightRail

    Far past time for her to step down, and let someone else take the reins. From what I understand, you don't have to be a house member to be Speaker. If so, nominate Beto O' Roark.

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

    Okay.. Then who should replace her? Their opposition is literally half baked. They want her to step down, but no other direction beyond that?

  • molimelight

    My question is if not her, who? I don't see any other progressives that have come to the front of the pack and would have the skills to pass legislation. Remember, they have the lead in the house but it will still be hard to pass legislation if some Dems hold with the Republicans on fiscal matters and the Left wing stomps its feet and wants something more radical. Although they could think outside the box and select someone not currently serving. From what I understand of the rules, they could do that. But I think you need someone who is wise to the ways of the House, knows the ins and outs of passing legislation (Or running investigations). I just don't see anyone else who meets that criteria who is not old and somewhat wise. Personally, I think it would be a Hellish job and they'd have to pay me a huge bonus to do it.

  • BigBob1000

    Does anybody remember Pelosi's involvement the Friday before and the Monday of the stock market crash? Well I do because I trade on the stock market. That Friday she promised in front of the news media and the world that she would deliver the votes needed to pass the relief legislation so the big banks could barrow needed funds to avoid a stock market crash that would kill everybody's retirement plans. She then contacted her husband what her "real" plan was so he could short the market (make money going down). The following Monday around 10:00am while speaking in front of congress she killed the bill. The stock market immediately dropped off a cliff and everybody's retirement plans went in the dirt, companies went out of business, millions of Americans lost jobs and their homes. But here is the best part her husband which was told ahead of time and shorted the market made huge profits while everybody suffered. Don't believe me? Then why did 60 minutes on national television ran a story about her giving her husband insider trading information to make stock market trades on? This is the "real" Nancy Pelosi and what she thinks of all the Americans that suffered while she and her husband made millions of dollars.

  • George Columbo

    She's a smart woman. Who the hell says so? She is a complete dork.

  • Mr. Logical

    If the octogenarian Democrats maintain their icy grip on power for another couple years, they will deprive the party of a much-needed refresh of new faces and new rising stars.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Where is the drama? Business as usual.. a party gets control of a chamber and all the power hungry politicians try to jockey for the post.

  • JBump

    Smart, bottomline thinker, articulate, did her job well last time - why not go with what works? Because the republicans say mean things about her? Isn't that a good sign?

  • Chris Gee

    Nancy has been demonized to the point that she should just step aside and work behind the scenes.

  • Southern CT

    Whatever your thoughts about her may be you can't take away the fact that she is a fighter, and brings in a lot of money.

  • David Rodolff

    Pelosi has needed to go for a while now, but who would replace her? Every possible candidate leans to the left of her (which up until recently I didn't think possible since she was the poster child for extreme left policies). The truly crazy ones are the up and comers for the party.

  • Band, On the Run

    I hope they do name someone else as Speaker. Pelosi, deservedly or not, has too much baggage associated with her. The Dems need to start fresh with some new blood.

  • ItsOnlyaFleshWound

    Pelosi will get the job. And, it will be HILARIOUS to watch all the "Never Pelosi" Democrats who promised not to vote for her vote "Present" or otherwise try to SQUIRM out of their pledges. Then it will be time to GOVERN, Democrats, not just GRIPE. Speaker Pelosi!! Has a NICE "deja vu" sort of RING to it...

  • lou g

    So no one actively challenges old wrinkled Pelosi? Why do Democrats fear her so much?

  • brickmette

    Where's Eric Swalwell?

  • Badger Land

    Trumps personal choice for minority leader, Jim Jordan, just got spanked by Rep. McCarthy. Another trump win. #maga

  • Jim Botto

    The people who need to be replaced are the people who come up with the Democrat's messaging. They might be the worst people in history to ever attempt political messaging.

    If Pelosi is involved heavily with that she should go.