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  • Nivek Yentrouc

    He's a psycho so he killed people, he should get the death penalty. To all of you who point out he's a cop, I'll point out that he's a Latin American cop. To anyone who actually thinks, I'll remind you of at least two cases of nurses that I've read about who also went about killing people in hospitals whom they felt shouldn't live.

  • me

    He's a criminal and a murderer . Why do you define him as an agent? Trying to make agents evil?

  • JW

    Death for US Citizens when crimes are committed, but not when illegals commit them. This country is becoming the laughing stock of the world!

  • James K. Polk

    This chick that escaped should really think about how sex work is dangerous. While no one deserves to get killed she should have known she has a higher probability of being hurt being a prostitute. Time for a job change

  • Don'tBotherMe

    He, alone, decided who had no value and appointed himself executioner. These women were sisters, daughters and likely mothers. Death penalty, please

  • ohpaleasegivemeabreak

    Yeah - EXECUTE HIM because a prosecutor getting his death penalty - which is nothing but revenge - will give the prosecutor what s/he believes to be positive re-election publicity. It's more costly to execute a prisoner than it is to house him or her for life without parole. The process of going through all of the business required to get to the finality of an execution is more expensive than life in prison. And the methods are becoming so barbaric that it's not to be believed. See: Oklahoma.

    Some people in OK made it very clear when a botched execution caused the inmate to suffer for quite some time and, apparently, very painfully, is what they want - public, violent, long-winded torture first, bloody executions so they can get a front row seat to personally witness it up close and personal. It was really really sickening to read what these nutballs felt would be cool and fun and should be their RIGHT. {{{{SHUDDER}}}}

  • Cathy

    He confessed, DA wants to go for death penalty. Only problem I have it that he will still be alive at the end of the week.

  • George286

    Just laughable anyone making this about Trump, Law Enforcement, illegal immigration, etc., more a measure of their own derangement. (As stupid as blaming Obama who was president when he was hired.) The man was a psychopath, who, like many psychopaths before him going back to Jack the Ripper decided to kill women he thought were prostitutes or whatever, 'he knew his victims.' You can't even make it a racial matter, he and all of his victims were Hispanic. Just sad, life in prison or death, whatever, appropriate punishment but RIP to his victims and there is not much more to say about it.

  • Gargos

    But I thought we had to worry about the people crossing over, not the people already here.

  • Trumptanic

    "On our border patrol agents,we have drug dealers we have rapist,we have really bad hombres.And I suppose some are good."

  • Wanbleeman

    "Hum", who is bringing the bad people to our southern border? Rapist, murders, and muggers? Border patrol agents killing people, tear gassing people, Separating children from their parents. Alt right play solder's patrolling border. Dar TRUMP answer that? Now an border agent accused of multiple killings. Dar Bone Spur, you were barking up the wrong tree, as usual.

  • Trumptanic

    Melania-"I really don't care".

  • Trumptanic

    Trump-"I don't understand.He was just doing his job".

  • Prophet With Honor

    Convict him on all counts and take him out.

  • Phil2u

    “As I walked out in the streets of Laredo...”

  • Facebook User

    hang him four times

  • Bob Marshall

    Hm, how many other serial killer's occupations can you name? Would we hear this one's if he was a store clerk or a mailman? This is an example of subtle propaganda against border control policy. Factually accurate but not in line with other reporting of similar stories.

  • Sal Monela

    Why would prosecutors go for anything less? This guy is trash and should be dealt with as such.

  • Gabrielle

    Give him the chair!

  • BluntNotPC

    Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls.... THIS is why criminals plead not guilty until they work out a solid plea bargain.

  • The Terminator

    He thought these women had no value. Yet, he is the person who had no value.

    He is a ZERO. No value to himself or anybody else. A ZERO.

  • Putin's Ghost

    We don't have a border problem, and never have. We do however have a huge law enforcement problem, and always have.

  • Mike Hogan

    Kinda sounds like a latino version of Dexter.