LOS ANGELES — Jan 10, 2019, 2:05 PM ET

Judge dismisses part of Judd lawsuit against Weinstein


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A judge has dismissed one section of Ashley Judd's lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein, but the rest remains headed toward trial.

U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez ruled Wednesday that Judd's sexual harassment claim isn't within the scope of a California statute.

Gutierrez had already rejected the claim in November but allowed Judd's lawyers to amend it, then dismissed it again.

Gutierrez said Judd's allegations of defamation and economic interference can continue.

Judd attorney Theodore Boutrous Jr. says nothing about the ruling changes the fact that Judd's lawsuit is moving forward, and her strong case remains intact.

Judd says that after she rejected Weinstein's sexual advances two decades ago, he sabotaged her career.

The 66-year-old Weinstein also faces criminal prosecution in New York.

Weinstein has denied engaging in nonconsensual sexual activity.

News - Judge dismisses part of Judd lawsuit against Weinstein

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  • HamburgerHelperAgain

    I'm laughing at all the folks claiming that this is the end of the Me Too movement.

  • Chipnputt

    Deep pockets, no conviction.

    MeeToo has all but fizzled out. It's hard to get momentum when all you do is snare your own.

  • Sally5

    The issue here is that harassment is a continuos pattern of conduct so Weinstein's one proposition does not rise to that level of conduct.

  • Timulculin

    I'm starting to wonder how much proof there really is against Weinstein.

  • Sally5

    Very old news.

  • WarrensSmokeSignal

    It seems the MeToo house of cards aimed at taking down Weinstein is starting to crumble. Consensual sex isn't a crime, and regret of having that consensual sex isn't enough to win a court case.
    The real criminals are the whole Hollywood industry that runs around having sex with everyone, using their bodies and their money to get their way and then virtue signalling to the rest of us.