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  • Liz Leyden

    In my area, a successful small business owner who was also an immigrant from Pakistan ran for a local office as a Republican. He lost. Before he ran agaon, he switched parties, saying he realized the party had no place and no support for people like him.

  • justagramma

    They gave the fox his own nest in the hen house.

  • Not Fancy

    An upstanding citizen that has been involved in local politics for quite a while AND a trauma surgeon. Maybe those racists would rethink things when they are laying on an operating table with their life, or the lives of their children, being dependant on his knowledge, ability, professional dedication, and being a fellow human being.

  • SarcasTex

    Dorrie Obrein and all of those that voted for removal are the ones that should be removed.Discrimination based on religion is unconstitutional and anti American.

  • Shawn Williams

    If the opposition to religious discrimination was truly a "core value" for this body, there should have not been a need to vote on the matter.

  • thenitenurse

    A good percentage of physicians that practice in our country are Muslim. I think people need to get a grip on their issues with the Muslims in our country. Most Muslims in our country are hard working, intelligent, and compassionate people. Judge people on their character not their religion!

  • SHM1026

    I am sure Dr. Shafi is more American than this Dorrie O'Brien. Did she ever read the Constitution, or is she just too stupid or ignorant to even try? If anyone should be thrown out, it is SHE.

  • Dicazi


    I'd vote to kick out those 26% that voted to kick him out.

  • RG

    26% voted to kick him out. Just 10 points shy of Trump's overall support. Helps explain the who and the why of the immovable support President Thug still has.

  • TexasVulcan

    Isn't America great? A place where it's "news" that only 1/4 of those Republicans wanted to kick out a Muslim.

  • Chipnputt

    No one can/should be excluded or included in any political position because of religion, or the lack of.

  • working_class_hero

    This is very encouraging. Moderates in both parties are rejecting the extremists and moving toward the center. We are seeing more Mormons in the Democratic party and more Muslims in the Republican party. People are growing weary of anger and sarcasm and we are beginning to reach out to each other to find common ground. Some will be threatened by this change and express anger and cynicism but that's only to be expected. Keep it up!

  • JesterMarcus

    Funny that it's a news story when the GOP decides not to do something terrible.

  • DavieFL

    Pretty sure that if trump was able to vote on this he will be #50 against.