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  • Nala

    HOW does a baby get "lost" on a freeway

  • VintageVNVet

    One more WIN from and for the good folks in the world.

    Thanks to all you good people.

  • Tom K

    A HERO!

  • trafconknight

    ABC News, This happened Dec. 22nd. What's the update to this story? Who's baby was this? How did this happen??

  • Scott Gore

    Did the kid have exact change?

  • Familia

    Another news site stated that this was a boy, his mother intentionally left him outside & he was later released to his father's custody.

  • Eric

    Less than a year old and running??

  • Thomas

    The world is filled with good people doing good things every day.

    These types of stories need to be published a lot more often as a counter to the other news


    Great job !!

  • P'Thizikil

    Just FYI: Babies don't run. This child was a toddler despite efforts to attract clicks. He probably also spoke some words meaning he wasn't an "infant", either.

  • JuPMod

    Story left too many unanswered questions. Where are the parents? How did this child ended up on the street all by herself?

    I read stories like this before. Sometimes it was due to neglect, yet other times I read the child just manages to get out of the home before the parents even realize the child is gone. Children, like this girl, have to be watch most of the time, given they have the tendency to walk all over the place. If the parents are not careful, the child can end up being hurt or even worse.

  • Sophie Rose

    Decades ago I worked in human services and one of my male coworkers totally frustrated with the idiotic behavior of some of our clients made a suggestion that we now have the technology to actually implement.

    He suggested that EVERYONE, male and female, be temporarily sterilized at puberty. The only way to get it reversed is to pass physical, psychological, financial, parenting skills tests or criteria. In addition the person must prove they can financially support a child AND post a $5,000 deposit with the county in the event they end up needing public assistance to support that child.

    WE all know that will never happen, but there has to be a way to make people PROVE they are responsible enough to have a child. We appear to have a whole generation of people that get "accidentally" pregnant and spend more time on their cell phones then with their children.

  • TheOldGuy

    Yeah, this article doesn't leave any questions. You know like, Who is the child, who are the parents, how did the child get out on the freeway, where is the child now?

  • Prophet With Honor

    Now, who the he'll was in charge of the child? How did this happen? Accountability.