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  • James Messmer

    americans are so naive as to what many countries, ourselves included, do regarding espionage. we're light years ahead of most.

  • James Messmer

    this guys history is so sketchy it's entirely possible there is something here. BCD discharge from the service and he still gets a high end security job???


    Putin is angry we captured their spy girl, Butina.

  • Former Earthling

    We now need to reciprocate by arresting the Russian spy in the WH.

  • John Macassey

    Well, as we know being a spy does carry risks. Surely by now they know the risks involved. He is either very brave or simply naive.

  • xia

    Quid pro quo. There will be an exchange.

  • JesterMarcus

    Who falls in love with Russia after visiting it? Seriously, who goes to Russia of all places, and thinks, "this place is awesome!"?

  • mm

    Hope seal team six is going to take care of this:)

  • Former Earthling

    One less Trump supporter to worry about. They can keep him.

  • Prophet With Honor

    This whole affair still baffles me. Too vague with loose ends.

  • BLW51

    Conviction doesn't take long in Russia, and Russia wants their "citizen" back.