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  • rick315

    what other country celebrates their "freedom" by threatening death to other countries and burning other countries flags? Sounds a bit childish and frankly foolish but when the "supreme herder" speaks the "sheep" say "baa"......................Did the marchers pass by the gays hung from the light poles I wonder?

  • BRP

    Do many Americans recall that the US helped to overthrow the elected leader of Iran in 1953 to install the Shah instead, because Iran wanted more favorable terms for the extraction of oil by British Petroleum?

  • Thomas

    Wow 40 years.

  • L. Gray

    They chanted death to America, Britain, and Israel. Those are great starting points for negotiation. They must have all read The Art of the Deal.

  • Tony

    We completed destroyed any real chance of peace and contentment when we over threw the legitimate ruler of Iran. We hurt their women, and we pushed many Iranian men into fundamentalist religious views. Honestly, we need to get out of the business of regime change