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  • tet1953

    Because of his comeback on the golf course and at life, Trump is awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Not kidding, he just tweeted that.

  • Flipper 6666


  • j a

    Like all humans, Tiger has good and bad points to his personality. That being said, his golfing makes him one of the greatest athletes of our time. This article isn't celebrating his morals, just his golfing comeback.

  • David Caverlee

    Cannot support someone who has no morals.

  • BassPlyr73 Again

    I'm not a big golf fan, but that was pretty cool.

  • Lee Thompson

    Message to DJT - no one cares what you think or say other than your base.

  • Johnny Cash

    Thought he was all washed up...lol.......where are all of the racist "haters" now? Because that is all it was is "hate" from those people and they know who they are. Whatever the man went through in is personal life was just that, personal. If you think he is the only PGA golfer or any other champion in major sports that women are after....lol....you are just very blind to the ways of mankind. He is the greatest the game has ever seen, period! Before Tiger, the purses were no where close to where they are today. Congratulations Tiger Woods!

  • FlorMedDoc

    One of the greatest comebacks of all times.
    Go Tiger !

  • sg

    everyone loves a comeback story.

  • j a

    My husband was happy to see one of the "older" guys win.

  • Hank R

    I cheered when he made his last putt. Well done, Tiger!

  • Quantez Williams

    "Woods's marriage to model Elin Nordegren, the mother of his children, ended in divorce in 2010."

    Congrats to Tiger! I just want to correct the statement calling his ex-wife a 'model.' At best, the term should have been "former model," and even that would have been generous. She worked in the profession for less than a year (2000) before moving to the US to become a nanny. She met Tiger Woods the following year and the rest is history.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Good to see. I used to cheer against Tiger when he was number one for so long. But I have to admit he earned this over a long road.

  • Candid One

    It's informative to see how his fellow players greeted Tiger as passed them on his way in to sign his final card. For all of the media circus surrounding Tiger's travails, it's noteworthy that in 2013, a few years after his domestic stuff hit the fan, Tiger was named "PGA Tour Player of the Year," as voted by the PGA players. His fellow golf pros have always appreciated Tiger's place in golfing history. Especially, among those players at this year's Masters, whom he beat, they know how far he's had to come to win his 5th Green Jacket. Well done, Tiger! Welcome back!

  • Bud Simpson

    Now all those golf media types that were not just not picking Tiger, several were suggesting that he won't make the cut, will be telling us how they knew it was just a matter of time before he won. I read several articles where Dustin Johnson was going to win, others where Justin Rose was going to win, still more picking Rory McIlroy or even Sergio, but NONE that suggested Tiger would win.

    Not only do we now have proof that Tiger is back, but we also have proof that those golf and sports writers that claim they know the sport actually don't have a clue.

  • nocatnowaco

    Nice to see the Tiger roars again !

  • Kaye

    This is a great story on overcoming adversity and staying the course. I wish him all the best!

  • gs12

    How cool is that. Glad he made it back!

  • sane one

    43 must be the new 25. Great job and really like seeing him in the winners arena again. He made golf interesting.

  • Bodee84

    It's nice to see him in the Green Jacket! Well done, Tiger!

  • The Terminator

    "Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!"

    So glad he won.


  • running33

    He earned it, that's for sure. So cool that his mom and kids got to be there too.

  • Dukedaddy

    Watch the T.V. ratings for the PGA to go way up. Tiger was the no.1 draw for years before he got the injury bug and he will be again.

  • Dicazi

    A great "life" comeback?
    Figures Trump would say that.
    If you win at something Trump likes, you are successful at everything.

  • Billie Bob Norton

    The Master is back!

  • Mike Hogan

    Get ready folks -- planet earth is about to get hit with a gamma ray burst!

  • madison55

    Congratulations Tiger you have worked hard to come back in the game.

  • OceanwalkSurfer

    Tiger, sex addict, obscene vocabulary when he hits a bad shot, real role model. There are GOLF fans and there are TIGER fans. Most people are one or the other. When Tiger is retired, his fans will be little seen or heard from on a golf course again. Tiger is an incredible talent and hopefully his presence has brought more promising young black golfers into the game. But he has never been a "nice" person. I know this will get blocked or banned but IMO it needed to be said.

  • kritikosman


  • OceanwalkSurfer

    RATS! He must have finally got his favorite club fixed after she put it through his windshield.

  • Rocko D

    First he was the black golfer phenom, and now he's the 43 year old phenom.

    Can we stop judging on these characteristics in 2019? And maybe just note that he has some great pecs.

    The golfer with great pecs...wins again.

  • empirewacksback

    Well, he carped it up but worked hard to get back

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    "Donald Trump has been given the nickname of Pelé by a select group of people who know more about his sporting abilities than perhaps anyone in the world.

    “He kicks the ball out of the rough so many times the caddies call him Pelé,”

    I wonder if even his caddies are illegals?

  • markflag

    The injuries mounted. Golf at the highest level requires abnormal stresses on the musculoskeletal structures, particularly on drives and other long shots. I'm amazed that more men don't have multiple back surgeries as a result.

  • Sarah Levine

    Funny how Tiger's winning once again makes me feel younger.