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  • mountainlady

    It's too bad she can't be trusted...at all. This is yet another distraction effort on the part of the Trump mob. Ivanka doesn't have a clue how poor women live or what they need, nor does she care. Maybe she can set up groups of women to sell her product line.

  • inonepeice

    What kind of compassion did she show for Puerto Rico??

  • beachlife

    Thank you for showing compassion and showing your usual class when representing the United States.

  • Evan German

    my, doesn't she look fetching with her 'somber' veil on her head - can you spell photo op ??

  • Jake realy Jake

    Photo op , get the hook!

  • subtext9

    Thanks for the (display of) compassion, Ivanka. See also: Boeing 737 Max software fix, delayed in part due to Trump 35-day government shutdown, could have prevented crashes.

  • arlecchino

    What a disgrace to have the trumpS represent the USA, vote in 2020 and
    let's put an end to this abomination.

  • The Kid

    whos paying the bill us tax payers trump certainly does not pay any.

  • Eric

    Is that a Gucci dress?

  • Mrs Awesome

    What a circus

  • anomomuss

    What's really going on? Who is she secretly meeting?