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  • Alex Ross

    He BANKRUPTED his own loser airline.

  • GarfieldRocks

    Donald Trump-------------Jack of all trades, master of none

  • GarfieldRocks

    Donald, Boeing has enough troubles without your input.

  • James Coletrane

    It takes a stable genius to suggest fixing a broken plane. Brilliant!

  • The Kid

    Sure Donnie a real smart statement... so glad your president

  • Hugo Diedericks

    From the man that lost $500m of other people’s money crashing Trump Air, yeah listen to him! He alone can fix everything!

  • James R. Paris

    He had only one thing right, what does he really know about anything.

  • Bill

    Sure, I mean why didn't Boeing think of that...

  • Anotherdayinusa

    Trump tweets about Boeing and Notre Dame fire. Tells a corporation how to run their business and the French how to put out a fire . No wonder he never has time to be POTUS.

  • Dicazi

    Trump took credit when there was over a year with no commercial airline fatalities worldwide. Even though he wasn't even in office during part of that time.
    Why isn't he taking the blame for these?

  • Andy S

    No product has suffered like this....Um, Trump steaks?

  • tet1953

    Oh, customers will do the rebranding. Airbus.

  • ArghONaut

    What a brilliant comment from an idiot who has so many bankruptcies to his credit. As if any successful executive team might not have the clue. Trump thinks everyone is stupider than himself. I doubt many are, but there will be some, somewhere, statistically.

  • Linzie Rogers

    Nothing like a good old home remedy.

  • jas00

    The stable genius strikes again.

  • Nick

    The world is changing so is there really a long term need for the short hall flight which is what the 737 did. In Europe the short hall is handled by a train system very nicely, I was able to go from London to my Paris hotel faster than my friends went to the airport got a plane for Charles De Gal airport and then a subway down to the hotel, I actually had enough time to go back after taking a shower to pick up my friends at Charles De Gal because I knew they did not speak any French and were going to be lost. In the USA if we had a lot of self driving cars we could program them for the drive and sleep on the trip, although AI is not there yet it will be in 5 or 10 years and so my question remains do we really need the short hall 737 airplane much longer?

  • Sage 10.0

    How many planes can advertise NY to CA in 6 minutes.

  • Some Random Guy

    Instead of the 737 Max, they can call it the Crash-O-Matic.

  • End of Life Ritual

    For all of Trump's stupidity, I think Boeing might very well try to do that. Maybe they fix the current ones in operation so they can say they fixed it. But I wouldn't be surprised if you see a plane not called a MAX, but very much like a MAX, suddenly be introduced by Boeing as a new product.

  • Jim Botto

    Free branding advice from the guy who slaps his toxic name on everything he touches.

  • George Kaplan

    My unsolicited advice to Donald Trump... RESIGN...

  • I Think

    Trump shuttle founder and CEO has a vast amount of successful airline experience, Boeing needs to listen to his every word, and act accordingly.

  • unusual

    Trump says "No product has suffered like this one" - oh, really? Is he really that ignorant? His concern seems to be that the product "suffered" - not that the victims and their families suffered.

  • SlowNewsDay

    OH, just shut it, Donald. Nobody cares what you think. We're just counting the days...

  • unusual

    Re-brand them as what? Putting Trump's name on them might be appropriate.

  • Pro-Marx

    He left out his go-to strategy of declaring bankruptcy.

  • Nick

    Trump is correct on one point in that the 737-MAX has no chance now, it is doomed. Boeing can become a making of a smaller number of planes, this will let China launch its new plane manufacturing industry world wide. The only real hope now is that Boeing comes up with a new design one that can fly without active control of the airplane, and the supersonic industry. As for their current leaders they should be removed by the share holders because they messed up badly.

  • SJC

    A while back he would not even ground them, now this.
    He is all over the map day to day.

  • Oldswimmer

    The depth of his stupidity is only out done by his insensitivity. Yes, Boeing has really suffered. Never mind the families of all the victims.

  • Miguel

    So that is how he does it-- something does not work right, just change the name.

  • TS13

    I wonder if the "additional features" in agent oranges' mind would be a couple of inflatable dolls?

  • j penske

    I am SURE that the Boeing execs are anxious to follow Trump's suggestions.

  • falsetruth

    The mind of a scam artist on display here.

  • Reply

    Any bets on his solution to Fisher Price's sleepers recall? I almost hate to think what he could think of.

  • Eric

    Unbelievable stupidity. Dumb even for the orange dumbo.

  • Naomi

    Like he did with his steaks and casinos?

  • Gargos

    Trump should know about rebranding.

    Today the popular thing seems to be attacking a certain congresswoman for insensitive remarks about "some guys" instead of using the word "extremists". Trump says "No product has suffered like this one" in the face of several plane crashes and hundreds of people dying. Where is the same outrage for your President, Republicans?

  • Prophet With Honor

    Just change the name of castor oil to "tropical delight" and it will taste better.

  • justanewsreader

    He better become an "expert on rebranding" when he tries to figure out how to take 'TRUMP' off every bit of real estates he owns, and call them: 'TRUMP IN PRISON' properties.

  • TexasVulcan

    Well, since President Trump knows more about aviation than anyone, Boeing should take his advice. /s

  • brickmette

    All of Donald Trump's business ventures failed. But when they failed, other people were left 'holding the bag'.
    It's as though his business ventures were structured as elaborate Ponzi schemes.

  • RPGpgmr

    What are you going to rebrand it as? The "new and improved disaster of a major design flaw"? The fact is that this plane should have never left the ground to begin with. Call it done and bury it.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money

    So his presidency is nothing more than a branding opportunity. As if we didn't already know.

  • Sage 10.0

    No need to rebrand....just issue a Rabbit's Foot key ring to all future passengers.

  • mark

    As a former reality TV star and socialite, his business acumen is astounding. I'm sure Boeing never thought of fixing the aircraft.

  • BigRead

    Trump maybe you should rebrand "The Wall"? Maybe rename it to something like "Slats"?

  • ogrot

    America Airlines buyer: Wow this looks exactly like a 737.

    Boeing salesmen: It's our brand new Boeing Albatross.

    America Airlines buyer: So can pilots trained on the 737 fly it or do they need to be retrained.

    Boeing Salesmen: It's not a 737, it's an Albatross. But yes, the controls, flight handling, seat layout, profile, emergency systems and parts are completely identical to the 737.

    America Airlines: So you just took a standard Max 8 737 and stenciled a bird on it's tail.

    Boeing Salesmen: It's an Albatross! They may land in water but they never get wet!

    American Airlines: What does that even mean? Also maybe not use a slogan that makes people think of the plane falling out of the sky into the sea.

    Boeing Salesmen: I don't know I just read the copy they give me but I will send marketing the feedback as you are a valued customer.

    American Airlines: Sigh, Did they fix the MCAS issues yet?

    Boeing Salesmen: We're still working on it.

    American Airlines: Let's look at something else then.

  • Sage 10.0

    That's a great idea. It needs a catchy name...like "The Hindenburg."

  • John Michael Davis

    Hard pass on this. The broken airplane is smarter than Mr. Trump.

  • Bill Rose

    Jesus, I can't believe this moron is President.

  • myopinionpal

    Don't worry Boeing Trump knows all about running your business into the ground.

  • The Master of Disaster

    Wow, yah, cept NOPE. Trump steaks, vodka, casinos? That's off the top of my head. Everything this clown touches he destroys or sells to a hostile foreign country to line the pockets of the already very rich. I definitely do not want his input on how to run an airline because he already tanked his own.

  • Jake realy Jake

    Trump turn off Faux News & Twitter and do some real work!

  • Bob Marshall IX

    Good thing we have Trump. I don't think anyone else is smart enough to think of rebranding. I've actually been worried since it happened that this would be the approach. I don't want to fly on a Max. If they rename it will I know? Will I remember? I guess that's up to me.

  • Peter Carson

    While this statement is not really offensive, I think it is inappropriate. I do not believe that the President of the Untied States should be publicly offering advice to private companies. I would prefer if he would stick to his job and the the Boeing executives do theirs.