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  • TexasVulcan

    Either Trump's campaign is lying (what are the odds?) or an awful lot of ordinary people are going out of their way to support someone who is working against their own best interest. It is possible. Many people are scared of America's changing demographics.

  • Cagey-B

    I'll be back to comment after I hear about the Trump campaign's haul from a more reliable source---like maybe Pinnochio.
    The trouble with Parscale and others in the campaign is that lying is a prerequisite of the job.

  • Rebel Lemming

    $30 million is easily explained. Someone will be along shortly to do that. I hope there's a lot of rage and bellowing on Thursday about all the evidence against Trump. It not only makes ME feel better, but it helps with the Don's fundraising.

  • TheHonorableDoggy

    For the uncountable time, Trump again proves, You can fool some of the people ALL of the time. Over and over again, right in front of their stupid faces while taking their money and acting like a four year-old.

  • AlexaGuyer

    I don't believe it. He is a liar. Remember the inflated attendance for his inauguration?

  • Bud Simpson

    I wonder how much of that will go into personal purchases vs his campaign?

  • Janie

    LOL! He also claimed to have the BIGGEST Inauguration crowd! In the whole world!

  • Hawkman100

    A prime example of people spending their money recklessly.

  • Truth-B-Me

    Don't for one minute believe this pathological liar or people connected to him! Show us your tax returns, then we will believe you, until then just continue to lie on a daily basis!

  • FlorMedDoc

    The Wall Street Journal had a great article proving how Trump's economy has failed the middle-class while making the wealthy extremely more wealthy. They point to tax cut being used for stock buybacks and bonuses and the decrease in manufacturing facilities since Trump was elected. This years tax returns proved that point with the majority of people seeing a decrease in their refunds.

  • Army Brat

    2020 will be another billion dollar campaign on both sides. Of course the Trump family will pocket a decent portion of what they raise by charging the campaign three times the going rate to rent Trump facilities .

  • Marijuana Mayor

    I wonder if he'll spend any of it on his actual campaign?

  • Top shelf

    Idiots are their money are soon parted.

  • BigRead

    No sooner Trump was elected he began hitting up Repubs for donations. Love how the taxpayer has to pay for his constant MAGA rallies across the country.

  • Prophet With Honor

    I wonder what they'll do with the money after he resigns to avoid impeachment?

  • Scaramouche

    Go Trump!

    I might even buy a hat!
    The country is doing so much better with a businessman at the helm than a Socialist.
    Socialism does not raise everyone up, it levels everyone down.