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  • Thomas

    Has Putin been given a redacted or un-redacted copy of the report?

  • Paul Smith

    Barr acts and looks like an overweight stooge. Kind of like the orange menace. Release the unredacted report! We paid for it!

  • B-K KnightRider

    Gee, imagine that; Barr sat on the report until Congress is on recess and there is a nice long holiday weekend to provide a distraction.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    I find it interesting as well that Trumpers are so relieved there was not enough evidence found to make any claims or charges. As long as it can't be proven, they could care less what Trump did.

  • JohnC

    I do find it interesting when Trump will celebrate the report implying it is accurate and fair when he shouts it shows no collusion and no obstruction. But in the very next breath slams Mueller and his team as still being a bunch of angry Dems out to get him.

  • Robert Reid

    Its funny that not a word has come out of Muller that anything Barr said was not true. And I know the libs do not appreciate laws but there are parts of the report by law that can not be released. And to think that the democrats in congress would not leak out the information if they did see all is a joke. How many times during this farce of an investigation did the dimwits leak out information to the press that were completely wrong. Why don't you liberals tell pencil neck Schiff to tell you what was all the proof he claimed he seen of Russian collusion. Many times he put himself in front of the camera saying he saw more than circumstantial evidence of collusion. Why is no one now asking him what it was, because everyone knows it was nothing but lies. You can make the claim all you want that he fired Comey to obstruct the investigation but you can not prove that and in light that no collusion was found you can't even point to a reason he would have wanted to obstruct it.

  • JohnC

    The DOJ won't indict a president in large part because they feel it is the role of congress through its oversight obligation to take actions if a president is bad in some meaningful way. For congress to satisfy that key role they must have at least as much access to evidence as the FBI would have for a potential criminal case. Otherwise the president really is above the law with no oversight and not checks and balances.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Since AG Barr replaced Sessions and was hired by Trump specifically for this purpose, I would have to conclude that the redacted Mueller report will have much left out. We shall see but my fear is that the word Phony in this instance can be substituted for redacted.

  • steven walls

    I would be happy if a panel of trusted folks from each side, maybe 12, who have clearance read the unredacted version and tell us if we need to worry. I do not have to read it, but I do not want the opinion of a minion.

  • myopinionpal

    Barr is Trump's new fixer at the Injustice Department.

  • Don'tBotherMe

    Can it really even be called Mueller's report after Barr got through with his editing?

  • REd maggy

    A report that contains over 400 pages of information cant be all good, thats what they are worried about.

  • WhosVoice

    Breaking: Mitch McConnell receives his payday for his roll in Russia's interference in our election.

  • Blue Wave

    The report would have been out today but all of the D.C. area Office Depots ran out of black markers.

  • Matt

    we will be witness to Obstruction of Justice before our very eyes scheduled for Thursday 04/18/19.

  • WhosVoice

    What is or isn't redacted will be more telling than the report. There is zero evidence Mueller's team is working on the redactions. If the summaries are redacted, you'll know Barr lied when he said Mueller's team was working on them.

  • MDK2020

    Barr gave the game away when on his 3rd communication about the report, he indicted that information about "non-indicted peripheral characters" (paraphrased ) would also be redacted. Translation? anything embarrassing about Jr or Trump, it's going to be a joke.

  • Arthur Conrad

    Barr’s Playbook: He Misled Congress When Omitting Parts of Justice Dep’t Memo in 1989

    Barr issued an OLC legal memo. Congress wanted the full opinion. Barr refused, but provided a summary of principal conclusions. When the opinion was made public, it was clear that Barr failed to fully disclose principal conclusions and watered down other principal conclusions.

    Can't post link here. Can find story by cutting and pasting title into search engine.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Just as Trump feels free to crow about total exoneration without any supporting evidence, Democrats should shout outrage that the (redacted) report clearly indicates collusion and inappropriate actions by the Trump campaign. So what if neither position is fully supported. Then the only way to resolve the differences is to see the unredacted report.

  • Anthony

    Finally, we get to see the Mueller report with all the evidence against Trump fully redacted. Congress needs to subpoena the real Mueller report.

  • Sage 10.0

    Off topic:
    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris (build in 1160) is virtually engulfed in fire.

  • MarineDad05

    My expectation of the Mueller Report:

    Dear AG
    Redacted, redacted, redacted.... redacted..
    Scrubbed, scrubbed, Trump, scrubbed, redacted, redacted..
    Trump Tower, redacted, redacted, redacted.... redacted.. scrubbed
    Russians redacted, redacted, redacted.... redacted..
    Redacted, redacted, redacted.... redacted..
    No, scrubbed, scrubbed, obstruction of Justice, scrubbed redacted, redacted, redacted.... redacted..
    Redacted, redacted, redacted.... redacted..
    Thank you,

    Barr's conclusion/summary: Trump's innocent as the driven snow.

  • 0pusPenguin

    A National security adviser, a lawyer, a campaign manager and a campaign adviser among the many indicted over this mess. With so many criminals orbiting around this so-called president I'm not so sure I need a redacted report to tell me he's a criminal himself.

  • NuffAlready

    I'm completely convinced it will be scrubbed of anything implicating Trump. I'm afraid we'll have to rely upon some of the investigators to get angry enough at the injustice and blow their whistles.Them, and the Southern NY investigations will come up with the goods that we know they have on this criminal masquerading as President

  • Kai Segelkin

    You can take any several hundred page document in the worldand redact enough selectively to make it say anything. This is nothing but a seething pile.

  • stagerightinthemiddle

    "Anticipation of the report....has reached a fever pitch."

    That's BS - a la the hype before the Super Bowl.

    In the end, the bark will certainly be worse than the bite.

  • SJC

    The pages will either be black or blank.

  • snake

    It looks like Barr is going over the report with Trump to see if it's OK or if more redactions are necessary to make Trump look innocent.

  • Paul Muad'Dib

    You can tell the left already knows it's going to amount to nothing because they are already teeing up their "cover-up by redaction" narrative before they've even seen how much was redacted.

  • 0pusPenguin

    I wouldn't be surprised if the words "trump was spied on" appears in Barr's handwriting on the first and last pages of the report.

  • KatsMind

    BS. The summaries should have already been released.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Not gonna hold my breath in hopes of a major bombshell. I hope I'm wrong.