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  • spas2k

    7000 fewer trump voters, or was Ford exempt from the tax breaks that we didn't know about?

  • Tov Bender

    As the company grows it senses a need for more admin personnel. However, every once in a while it figures that they are too many and restructures, downsizes. This is typical and common. I have seen many cycles like this. People just need to be competitive to find other jobs

  • sam

    These are similar job skills the administration is claiming they will be looking for in immigrants. Highly skilled and management level.

  • Paul Smith

    I've seen this behavior in the company I work for. The cycle of hiring, firing then rehiring employees persisted where I work for the first ten years of my employment. It's what happens when low level managers are allowed to hire people at will then upper management has to clean house to please investors. Stupid way to run a business.

  • Sal Monela

    Ford, as well as other domestic auto makers, might want to consider making something other than gas guzzling, bloated tanks like an Expedition. Some of these vehicles won't even fit in a parking space or a garage. Tesla has the right idea.

  • Irish Moon

    Ooooo don't worry. They all find jobs. Plenty of jobs out there.....you made need 3 of them to feed your family and keep a shed over your head but plenty of jobs.

  • Lynete DeArman

    Devastating =(

  • Jon

    Ford is overpriced,,,
    I am too tired to talk about the 1977 F150 and the 1984 F150 that brought me up

  • dan

    Trump's next tweet: See, look what I inherited. Build me a wall and that'll fix'em.

  • ArghONaut

    Another 7000 winners, many many who were probably Trump voters. Life is about the almighty $, not about Donald Trump's ability to stumble through life pretending he has even a single brain cell that understands leadership and planning or even basic human decency in treating others.

  • JenBordon

    Either Ford is about to go belly up,
    or management was so bad they really had 7000 jobs of dead weight.

  • Jim Botto

    Translation: We replaced 7,000 jobs with robots.

    Candidates for President need to be pressed on how they'll handle automation replacing a large portion of the workforce. We need a plan, it is already happening and it will only increase in pace.

  • rontron

    I doubt the consumer price will go down.

  • Matt

    "it's the greatest Trump economy ever the world has never seen...that I can tell you, believe me"

  • Barristah

    How can this be? Trumps administration claims we're at Zero unemployment??? LOL Thank you Trump..

  • Del Capslock

    "preparing to cut 7,000 salaried jobs"

    As Trump tweeted, "Jobs, jobs, jobs!" Gobs of jobs gone, that is, turning out jobless slobs.