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  • Howard Gravely

    An excellent choice; congratulations, Mrs Pelosi!

    I nominate Rep. Amash for next year's award.

  • Lee Thompson

    High fives, Nancy!!!

  • Hank R

    “The Kennedy family has given so much to America’s history and to America’s future,”

    Seriously? What did Senator Edward Kennedy, the "Lion" of the Senate, ever do?

  • Ctrygrl

    I cannot think of anyone who deserve it more. Certainly not the neutered republicans.

  • RettasVegas

    Pelosi will be the end of Trump, she (Congress) must fumigate out all the corruption & lying cons (Trump's 'best people').

  • Trumplethinskin


  • Lee Thompson

    She's worthy of this award. Pelosi has backbone, intelligence, know-how and courage, among other admirable traits. Congratulations Nancy Pelosi!

  • Verity Pendleton

    Congratulations and very well deserved.

  • Thomas

    Before this story, how many people were even aware that there was such an award?

  • Prophet With Honor

    It makes more sense than giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to athletes and celebrities.

  • Mygoodness


  • David

    I guess Trump will be tweeting something to the effect he was nominated but declined the award because JFK inherited lots of money and came from a family whose wealth was attained through criminal activity. Oh, wait...

  • CaptnBlynd

    I'll admit it, I chuckled while I was reading it.

  • CheeseDosTheBalls22