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  • threehundredthousand

    Throwing milkshakes at politicians isn't funny. It's bloody hilarious.


    The Donald Trump of the UK.

  • Tyler U

    After all the actions they took to make sure nobody had milkshakes to throw, his face just screamed "Dammit! Foiled again!"

  • Tyler U


  • SouthernPatriot

    Why is this news? No one really cares.

  • CryMe(a)River

    This was an inevitability after the police failed to act so many times to violent attacks on those who the media label, "far-right". I knew we were going to see an escalation of this when the british press turned the man who did the same to Tommy Robinson into a hero fighting "racism".
    I except to see a bolsanaro type situation in britain where the public has been propagandized into a hysteria.

  • Bigearsbarry

    What a waste of a milkshake.

  • cephalo

    You know, these far right leaders of late are pushing these divisive policies, and while they are succeeding in gaining support they are also causing deep fear and anger in their detractors. If your ideas force you to take extraordinary security measures, maybe they aren't such good ideas.