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  • Albert Westpy

    She is as crazy as Trump and his entire administration. Trump must go !

  • Jrducky

    I truly believe that if DeVoss has a brain, she would take it out and play with it!!!

  • j tennum

    So the teacher's gun will be loaded? And kept where? In an unlocked top drawer? Or a holster? Walking next to teenage kids, bending over their desks to help the kids with a math problem?

  • Prophet With Honor

    I did some thinking about armed teachers a while back and based on my multiple contacts and observations over decades I totally oppose the concept.

  • FoxDI

    The Problem: too many guns in schools
    The Solution: more guns in schools

  • Mike D

    A great way to STEM the tide of Gun violence?

  • carcar

    Shouldn't she be more concerned about funding actual education?

  • Kent

    Does this cover private school as well? Nuns with guns sounds like a roadhouse movie.

  • Del Capslock

    Those "potential grizzlies" in the classroom are a real problem, no?

  • Kent

    A born rich heiress whose parents would never dream of sending her to a public school thinks guns are what we need. If she gets her way it will put a target on teachers' head if they have a gun or not. These mass shooters will simply shot the teach first.

  • Naomi

    So according to DeVos, any funding given to states for education could then be used for literally anything the state wants.

  • Not Fancy

    Wow, a relative of the eric prince, the murderer/militia man for hire, advocates using taxpayer dollars to arm teachers?
    Perhaps that goofy proposal should wait a bit, until eric has answered to the accusations against him.

  • Don'tBotherMe

    Hayes said that instead, the office’s conclusion advised that “the Secretary has discretion to interpret the broad language of the statute”

    DdVos is incapable of interpreting a fortune cookie. She has zero qualifications and knowledge to be Secretary of Education.

    As far as arming teachers my daughter taught for a year and a half and had her phone stolen three times. The students stole anything that wasn't nailed down. Let them know the teacher has a gun on them or in their desk and that gun will, too, be gone.

  • RohnertPark1

    DeVos needs to be removed from her post. She is a disgrace to this country.

  • McDo

    Instead of arming teachers with weapons, improve their knowledge and teaching skills. US absence from top ranking spots should be the primary concern of an Education secretary.

  • Hank R

    What's stopping a disgruntled teacher from going to school and shooting kids now?

  • Truthfully

    A DISASTER in the making!
    Devos has ONE agenda and that's private education to fill her pockets!!

  • ochsnto

    Whenever a conversation happens about Devos and her plans to arm and train teachers, keep the name Erik Prince close at hand. The founder of Blackwater one of the most powerful private military contracting corporations in the world which profits directly from the weaponization of private life. Keep an eye out for talks about private security agencies ready to advance the gun lobby’s interests disguised as our children’s saviors. Destroy public education and make a few billion bucks doing it. Nice..

  • wotsa

    Arming teachers...? Is this where we are as a country?

  • Pologize3

    Whether you're a democrat or a republican, you should be very worried about DeVos being in charge of public education. She is completely unfit for her job.

  • noiL ehT oeL

    So did your dog really eat your homework?

  • paddyk

    Teachers shooting kids.. Yay!

  • Gargos

    We have teachers who can't make ends meet because we're practically paying them just above the poverty level.

    Others have to buy supplies for their rooms because the schools can't afford pencils, notebooks, pens, textbooks. Some will create GoFundMe pages to try and seek donations.

    We can't afford to bring in qualified teachers in sciences and math.

    But, we can afford to put guns into the hands of teachers and train them how to fire. Priorities, people. Seriously!

  • inonepeice

    Teachers can snap too....

  • inonepeice

    What kind of evaluation is done before arming a teacher with a loaded gun in a school?

  • Lekyotobeans

    Dotard chose DeVos because of her longtime support for school vouchers, a cause many Republicans support ...
    Party over country, nothing whatsoever to do with children's education ...

  • Hank R

    A good read in USA Today:

    Guns in school: It's not just an idea. Here's how some states are already doing it, Ashley May, USA TODAY, Published 9:01 AM EDT Mar 14, 2018

  • Jeanne Washington

    So what happens, when a pissed off or unstable teacher pulls a gun out in class and starts shooting kids...then what . This is a VERY BAD IDEA and people with children in these schools should be alarmed. Since Trump's been in office STUPID seem to be the rule, does common sense not matter anymore?

  • Swif-tee

    If the funding is there to provide teachers with guns, why isn't it there to provide them with an appropriate and adequate wage? God, Republicans are stupid.

  • Waldo here . . .

    She could not be of true Dutch heritage. Her name ought to be spelled " de Vos " and not DeVos. Btw her name means The Fox.

  • Bill Rose

    She's working for the NRA


    DeVos is a silver spooner that bought and paid for this job. Zero credibility.

  • FasterBadger

    Strangely enough, "Groups want probe into DeVos" is a category on a popular adult website.

  • TweetyBird

    "There would be no problem with violence in public schools if we just closed them all and handed out vouchers"

    -Betsey the Bonehead

  • Stefan Michaud

    I'm amazed she hasn't yet proposed outsourcing school security to her brother's firm.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Likely the most unqualified of Trump's cabinet... and that is saying something!

  • Ctrygrl

    It is obvious there were way too many big words in what that representative said to her for this ditz to even remotely understand. The extent of her understanding was "guns good kids learning bad"