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  • Lori Mardon

    I know Jose Romero personally, he claims ownership to the horse with shoulder injury.....I would not allow him near a goldfish!

  • Sal Monela

    Shut the place down. People should not be racing animals for entertainment.

  • Justwatching

    A pelvic injury and a shoulder injury both rare and both happening a few days apart....even for jumpers these injuries are rare. I'd love to see the autopsies on these horses. I see everyone wants this track to close but these numbers are high. I'd almost guess someone is trying to shut down this track at the sake of the horses. I could see other owning companies doing it. There's a bigger picture here we aren't seeing.

  • Thomas

    With all the big money involved I can't understand why they could not just tear down those track lanes and completely redo them with the proper foundation and stuff.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Putting a horse down is a tough decision. A bit easier if you know you weren't responsible, but tough if you were part of the cause.

  • Jeremy Goldberg

    Reminds me of the killers at Boeing with their BAU between the two crashes.

  • empirewacksback

    Geez, I thought the horses were well cared for and “wanted to run” but this smacks of investor-based animal cruelty.

  • Too Much Lipstick

    Business as usual for the Sport of Criminals. For those who want to think otherwise, that horse racing is for the elite, the "refined," and the noble: This latest equine victim was last purchased for $900., yet was forced to run -- injured, apparently -- at the so-called "Great Race Place," or, the "Horror-Show Death Track," as it is now more commonly known.
    The poor thing had three hooves on the slaughter truck already; I suppose it's a blessing he wasn't further tormented by his "aristocratic" owners.