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  • Jrducky

    I grew up in the 60’s, and the coat hanger abortions that killed many women.
    We DO NOT want to see those days again.

  • foldincaulfield

    it's interesting how people are characterized by the media as "pro-abortion" rather than "pro-choice," while anti-choice advocates are characterized as being "pro-life," as though there's nothing in between banning abortions altogether and allowing them the day before the due date.

  • MTkatzpjs

    It will be interesting to see how that worm kavanaugh rules, after shucking and jiving his way to the current seat on the SCOTUS. The tape of him defending Roe v Wade, declaring it precedent-setting and therefore not in jeopardy, when questioned if he intended to work towards overturning same, will come back to bite him! An obsequious worm, much like barr....and the lack of capital letters are deliberate. I reserve those for whom I have respect.

  • BluntNotPC

    I've a question... do these politicians not understand that SCOTUS can't do diddly until a case is brought to them? "best" case would be a woman claim she needs an emergency exemption to some anti abortion law... the court would like decline as there are other states that allow late term abortions. Otherwise it's likely 3 or more years before any of these get before the Justices.
    Before someone brings up it costs money to go to another state... it takes money to appear before SCOTUS as well. Far more than a round trip to NYC from any state with a anti abortion law.

  • JJ

    While we are reversing constitutional rights lets get rid of freedom of religion. It's disease is affecting people and pushing them towards restricting freedom. We need not worry about Sharia Law a new Christian rule of law is slowly integrating itself into American societies.

  • sg

    The best way to prevent abortions is A) sex education, and B) self-esteem education for kids before they become active.

    That and availability of contraception.

  • beingcurious

    Can only hope that Republican party is moving so far to the right that even conservative Republicans finally turn away.

  • SouthlandRover

    So like, do these people have jobs?


    If children could learn how to remain a fetus forever, they'd finally have found a way to get conservatives to care about them.