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  • BobMex

    Time Google went international, to get away from Trump's control.

  • Gustav Dahl

    This is just Trump trying to pressure the Chinese to make major concessions on a trade policy that Trump is demanding. All it will do is encourage Chinese companies and government to invest in developing the state of the art technologies themselves so they do not have to remain dependent on the US. Typical dumb Trump.

  • Mr. Logical

    In related news, China's Uyghur "re-education" camps might be inconvenienced due to tariffs and trade sanctions. In response, Google has promised to offer China relief.

  • TweetyBird

    Some tech stocks also took a bit of a hit yesterday as with this, it's not just Google - Huawei might not be able to buy some of the chips they need.

  • Paul Smith

    Had the clown signed the TPP this chaos could have been avoided. Tariffs are an idiots tool to control trade issues. Also does anyone really think Trump would be fighting this trade war if China had forced North Korea to give up their nukes? The orange menace is a vengeful narcissistic bully.

  • RutabagasTakeNoPrisoners

    "Supply backups", is that the Chinese euphemism for reverse engineered stolen intellectual property?