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  • The Terminator

    I actually met Niki Lauda at Watkins Glen F1 in the 70's.

    He would never remember me. But, surely I remember him. I was just a bothersome fan.

    The 70's and 80's the F1 drivers were separated from fan contact. Except for planned events which were few.

    It took alot of fence jumping and hiding. But, once you made it in you occasionally meet a driver and Niiki was one of them.



  • wise old indian

    Some ball players brag about a comeback after a broken leg.
    Niki Lauda made a comeback that will never be equaled in any sport. Legend is the only word that fits.

  • Kent

    Amazing after what he went through he live so long. RIP.

  • Greg Smith

    Truly a champion. Ty for your give Mr. Lauda.

  • The_Splurge

    Yet, nothing is mentioned about the fact he owned an airline after all of his turmoil as well.

    A great driver, and an even better man.
    So long, you had a great innings.

  • Regular Guy in Colorado

    A great and resilient racer indeed. RIP. I also recommend watching the movie "Rush". Great story and told very well by director Ron Howard.