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  • kritikosman

    Poor Yemen, besieged by meddlers.

  • Melissa J

    Those missiles prove Houthis' atrocities and their war crimes in Yemen.

  • Melissa J

    The number of ballistic missiles deployed by Iran’s proxies is rising at an unprecedented level.

  • Melissa J

    Many ballistic missiles were fired at Saudi Arabia by Yemen’s Houthi militias last year.The UN should therefore take immediate action to deal with the attack against Riyadh to prevent recurrence of similar attacks.

  • james jones

    Coalition airplanes should bomb Houthi positions within Yemen. They rely on support from Irani Militants to survive.

  • Rebel Lemming

    Anybody opposing Saudi Arabia has my sympathy and support. It is a sadistic dictatorship.

  • just saying

    these who-ers are targeting Mecca?

  • rick315

    Houthis, like the Palestinians, are Arab tools and fools of the resurgent non Arab Persian/Iranian Empire [LOL]. The Persians/Iranians love to stir the pot between Arabs and Jews and Arabs and Arabs ......for 3000 years they have hated Jews and Arabs equally.The Arabs of Lebanon,Yemen, Iraq and especially Syria need to distance themselves from the Persians,,,,,,,,and the non Arab Turks..........or Arabs will die for the sake of Persian control of the region and the Turks will pick up the crumbs