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  • IronWolf

    Democrats don't really care if Muller testifies or not, they just want it to appear Trump and the DOJ is stopping him from testifying. Mueller was their hero, until he determined there was no collusion.

  • MiladyV

    Mueller's instinct to stay above the political fray is admirable, but his ethical instincts do not work in the reign of Trump. Bob, remedy your mistake of trusting the Justice Department to address your findings properly and say exactly what you meant.

  • Dosadi

    The DOJ is really really afraid to let Mueller talk freely. The truth must be too much for them to take. Sad! It's coming out anyway.

  • Bill Rose

    Meanwhile, Rex Tillerson is up on Capital Hill talking to folks. Doesn't look good for Trump.

  • Truthfully

    Limited Mueller Testimony??
    What does that even mean??

    We Want What AG Barr Doesn't Want Mueller To Testify Too!

  • TweetyBird

    When the heck did the DOJ become the president's private lawyers and goon squad?

    That's what happens in dictatorships with despot leaders!

  • Bill Rose

    Obstruction has been established and documented.

  • merccougar89

    Even if Mueller testifies,he can't and won't say anything different than is in the report because he can't by law because he didn't bring charges against Trump or the 2016 campaign. You can't go on the stand and say I changed by mind because it doesn't work that way. I would say let Mueller testify because it only helps Trump and solidifies his argument that it is a witch hunt. If Dems and the MSM didn't program the American people for 2.5 years claiming Trump colluded with the Russians and come up with nothing, it now looks like a fishing expedition. CNN's own poll 2 weeks ago asked the AMerican people what issues were important to them in the 2020 election. The economy and immigration were 1 and 2. Russia was last at literally 0%. You can google the CNN poll.

  • Kent

    Bashar al-Assad should take a tip from Don Jr. When you don't have a chin, grow a bread.

  • TweetyBird

    "The House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday issued subpoenas to former White House officials Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson for documents and testimony.."

    I think the military needs to set up soome tents for all the folks that are defying Congress and are therefore ILLEGALS!

  • otm

    People are saying that if Mueller doesn't testify in public we are descending into an autocracy.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    If the Mueller report really did exonerate Trump as he claims, Trump would have paid millions to have the report distributed to every newspaper in the world in its entirety. The fact that he is trying to stop the distribution of the unredacted version says quite the opposite to what he is claiming, doesn't it.

  • Anthony

    If Trump's Justice Department wants to prevent Mueller, who Trump had said totally exonerated him, from testifying in public, just imagine what it would do if Trump had committed any crimes. OK, people don't have to imagine too hard.

  • Kent

    Did you know there is a Trump/Cyrus coin for sale by some snake handlers religious sites. No joke. This Cyrus narrative they sell is so funny. It is how they give Stormy a pass and many other non-Christian sins.

  • Kent

    What are you afraid of being primaried Repubs so concern for what Mueller might say? Like all the other subpoenaed witnesses and documents. Thought it was case closed according Java the Barr.

  • Gargos

    Certainly can't blame them for wanting a public testimony to counter the propaganda spread by AG Barr. By keeping everything behind closed doors, Republicans can make up any story they want about how Mueller's testimony went and we would be none the wiser. The public needs to hear what the Special Counsel REALLY thought of the investigation.

  • Chipnputt

    "objecting to a proposal for him to give a public opening statement before answering questions behind closed doors, according to multiple sources familiar with the negotiations."

    Do they want to hear what he has to say or not? The democrats can have the questions they want answered but it has to be in public. Are they afraid the masses won't believe them when they report on Mueller's testimony?

  • Bill B.

    Sorry to say that he asked for this by leaving the end results up to others to decide. I believe that he failed at the job he was chosen to do.

  • Summer Tyme

    If Trump has proven one thing about American politics.... It's that sometimes there is value in simply being willing to fight.

    Trump only cares about himself but he fights like hell... Damning any other consequences to anyone else or the country.

    Those who Love the country need to show an equal willingness to fight, Or trump will keep "winning".