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  • sk102704

    Yet another appointment by Trump that is just absolutely terrible...

    ABC felt the need to remove that exact comment for some reason

  • mh

    This guy is a joke. When he ran for AG here in Virginia his entire platform was for any woman wanting an abortion would have to have an ultrasound done first to guilt them into keeping the baby.

  • kobrakai6868

    Vegas has set odds at one zillion to one against a single Republican complaining about Trump naming a Czar, even though they complained bitterly about Obama doing it, somehow keeping a straight face while connecting the dots from the media applying the title Czar to somebody in the Obama administration and the Slavic pronounciation of Caesar used as a title by the unenlightened despots of the Russian Empire who were extinguished when the Bolsheviks killed Alexei Nicolovaech in 1918.

  • David

    Okay ABC you've had all day to fix it, it's Cuccinelli not Cuccinellto.

  • CryMe(a)River

    Maybe this will mark a shift to something actually being done to stop the hoards.
    I was a Cruz supporter b/c his stance was if your here illegally you have to go home period. I've seen a blue collar middle class completely destroyed by cheap illegal labor. And an entire generation of american workers abandoned.
    It's one thing to lose your livelihood to outsourcing, it's another level of evil to be replaced by cheap foreign labor in your own communities.

  • JtCarrieres

    Maybe he can actually hire Border Patrol Agents. Trump mandated 5000 additional agents his first week in office. Since then, they've added 118, which is absolutely pathetic. It's probably why he went crazy on DHS personnel and fired everyone, but it's not their fault no one with a shred of conscience and intelligence wants anything to do with his Border Patrol.

  • hold-the-phone

    Good choice, from their point of view; Cuccinelli's certainly got the ideology and attitude to be a czar...

  • Karen D.

    Lived in Va during Cuchinnelli's time. A loser republican but his focus not mine even though I thought he might have a clue about people.
    He didn't. Making babies, being that totally Catholic man- just hope his girls weren't groped.
    But he needed a job right?! so he got one. Gotta pay for that very expensive Catholic School!
    Surprised he made the cut. I wouldn't have expected that!

  • Kent

    If I am not mistaken these "czar" offices take an act of congress. Good luck with that. Remember the drug czar, book of virtues William Bennett? Turned out he was a chain smoking hardcore alcoholic, and compulsive gambler. This guy is just an sycophant on fox news talking head. That is how trump pick'em. Audition on Fox and you can be Sec of State.

  • aquablue13

    Good grief all people do is complain without one utterance of a systematic approach to resolve the issue at hand regardless of what it is. No one has all the answers to resolve these issues. So why not try to discuss things as adults in a constructive manner and then hold your own elected representatives whoever they are accountable for the positions they take, after all they are suppossed to represent your beliefs.

  • kritikosman

    Best people!? ~ Ha!

  • Lekyotobeans

    If Trump is re-elected, will he want Americans to learn Russian?

  • Bud Simpson

    When did we start using Russian titles to identify American appointments? Oh yah, when Comrade Trump was elected...never mind.

  • biggeorge22

    OMG! Really? Can he find no one more to the center, this guy is a nut job...

  • drathvedar

    Draining the swamp? Sounds like a cruel joke.

  • Betty Boop

    Add another idiot to the team.

  • Chuck Ungar

    This guy's been verbally pleasuring Trump on CNN for years

  • Tertulliano

    meanwhile Ben Carson mixes up a real estate term and Oreo sandwich cookies

    Do you know what an REO is?” asked the congresswoman to ben carson
    “An Oreo…” replied Carson.
    “R, no not an Oreo. An R-E-O.” shot back Porter.
    “Real estate?” asked Carson.
    “What’s the O stand for?” said Porter.
    “E-organization?” asked Carson.

  • drathvedar

    Isn't 'czar' a Russian term?

  • AlwaysknewDJTsucked

    Trump just liked the guys name.

  • Jim Botto

    Getting a job in this White House is easy. All you have to do is go on TV and defend everything Trump does no matter how ridiculous.

  • Gargos

    "If there's a steady paycheck in it, I'll believe anything you say."

    -Winston Zeddmore

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Trump doesn't really want a czar for immigration. He would really rather have a Grand Inquisitor.

  • drathvedar

    Another day in the clown show. If Trump likes someone you know he's a slime ball.

  • Army Brat

    Trump has made it quite clear he has no idea how to fix the immigration system because he refuses to listen to facts. Walls and ripping families apart are not the answer because these families are escaping conditions as bad as Nazi Germany. You work with the countries involved aiding them in making life better for their populace.

  • GarfieldRocks

    Interesting, it wasn't that long ago that we were looking down our noses at Italian immigrants too. And let's not forget how the Irish were treated.

  • Blue Wave

    Ah, yes, the former AG for Virginia. He's very anti-abortion, very anti-climate change, very much embedded in the "old white guys" establishment - all things Trump finds appealing.

  • notorious

    So Trump is picking a loser for this position. I'm shocked, I tells ya. Just shocked.

  • F150


    I have a much bigger idiot in mind for that job - Lyin Dan Patrick. Worst Lt Governor in the history of everything.

  • dancer92136

    What are the demands of this guy? His last guy Kobach wanted unlimited access to the oval office, weekends off, unlimited access to DOD jet, promise to be DHS Secretary by Nov 1, and on, and on. This is one of those WT___ moments

  • Pro-Marx

    It just figures that someone with the name Cuccinelli would be a hardliner on immigration. "I got in, and now I want to shut the door behind me".