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  • CO

    The new cases are being pushed by the labor group Fight for $15 and funded by the TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund. There is your answer. No doubt with 30,000+ locations sexual problems arise at McDonalds as they do everywhere in the world. This however, sounds more like a setup with lawyers, activists and employees looking for a payday.

  • gs12

    I guess if you can't get your $15 one way, try it another. Either way, please stop forgetting to put my fries in the bag.

  • Justwatching

    Five years ago i left Norfolk Southern railroad because of extreme sexual harassment. 1 of the individuals who i refused to work with because of his harassment is still there. The company knows he's doing it and won't fire him. 2 months ago a female employee there confided in me this same man threatened to rape her if she wore perfume again, because he won't be able to control himself. I asked if she told anyone...."nope" she's still there, i left to start over again. She wasn't doing that. A manager had over a dozen sexual harassment complaints filed against him. (Recently) Norfolk Southern sent him to Chicago. That was his punishment. These are 2 examples of thousands. Companies protect their male employees. Women are disposable.

  • Lifeishortgetaladder.

    all I see is Ronald McDonald grabby booty.... and its not pretty...

  • Mike x

    Picketing to get wages raised to Middle Class level didn't work so now they're trying this avenue?

  • Ratwrangler

    Let's not worry about the people actually committing the harassment, or making the decisions to cut hours as punishment. Corporations are legal 'people', so let's jail McDonalds for 18 months instead, and see what happens. That would be a lot easier than tracking down the individuals who are actually doing wrong.

  • Greg Ramey

    Did anyone see if the workers were going out with law enforcement in squad cars?

  • mm

    They hire teenagers and pay minimum wage, this doesn't surprise me. The teenagers where I live at BK mess with the food for kicks, give it to you cold, drench it in Mayo, I stopped eating at fast food places because of the immaturity, plus it's unhealthy, but if they are that concerned about this, then put cameras there and see what these kids are doing late at night when they are bored.

  • Uptownman

    Bring on the robots!

  • Hingreed

    The cost of items on the dollar menu just went up to offset the legal costs.

  • Miguel

    Only 25 across the whole country? That is really remarkable given their thousands of locations and huge number of employees.