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  • mm1970

    This is pretty tricky. Homelessness is not just a California problem, it's a national problem. And...it's a bigger problem in California because we also import it. I mean, if you are poor and are going to live on the streets, why not do it where there is good weather? So, I have few hopes that we can solve this without major changes in economic policy at the national level. And as much as Newsom recognizes it's a state problem with local solutions - I don't know about that. Our local small city has a LOT of homeless, many from out of the area, and little to no way to care for the vast problems these people can create. Some people choose homelessness. Some are poor. Some are addicts. Some are mentally ill. They all require DIFFERENT THINGS.

    But one basic thing that they DO need, is housing. So - housing first. How do we provide that? How does one small city provide that? How do they choose who gets it? To anyone who walks into town? If we opt to provide housing only to locals, what do you do with everyone else? Buy them a bus ticket? Send them to Quartzite?

  • EK the greek

    How about spending that "study" money on actually helping the homeless ....,

  • Ralph Norton

    "Gov. Gavin Newsom called growing homelessness in California a national disgrace".
    No, it's a California disgrace.

  • Wild Turkey

    Remember the Dust Bowl? Many "Okies" packing up and moving to where there was work in the vegetable fields????

    Or the exodus of poor to Detroit, etc after the war to get jobs building cars??

    Why aren't these "homeless" moving to where there are jobs?

    Bet the bureaucrats "looking for answers" don't ask that question.

  • CaptnBlynd

    A "sanctuary" state with a huge illegal population has rampant homelessness. This is no coincidence.The constant flow of labor into the state keeps wages low, rents high. This will not be what the task force concludes of course.

  • IndependentThinking

    A waste of time. Democratic policies have brought homeless people here. Let them move into the Governor's mansion.

  • Thatchmo62

    Homelessness ran rampant in the city he was Mayor of (San Francisco) and he did absolutely nothing to reduce it that worked. He thinks he can solve it for the whole state now that he is governor? Good luck.

  • BluntNotPC

    A blue ribbon committee is being formed to spend a billion dollars on why people can't afford housing in CA. CA median price of homes SOLD 497,500. Asking 549,000. roughly 129,000 homeless persons in CA. Average rent is 2000 a month in SoCal. wonder where the committee will visit internationally to study the issues?