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  • Uraq Lowique

    Not sure what you can do with those workers. They're dumb as a rock--that's why they work in an Amazon warehouse in the first place.

  • erouting

    Yeah, this is PR and also BS. They're going to lay off a huge portion of their work force in the next decade. Even with additional training there simply aren't sufficient higher skill jobs available to make up for the coming gap. Nor is automation creating enough of such jobs.

    A factory employing 1,000 is automated and now needs 50 'new' jobs to maintain the machines. But that's still a loss of 950 employees. In the past increased demand in other sectors might have made up for this, but with decades of flat wages, a shrinking middle class and the rich not spending any significant amount of their fortune, there's just no money to support new positions.

    I figure we'll go socialist democracy around the time we hit 25% unemployment.